Signature Series Pneu Cover

Pneu-matic Cover-

Soft shell Pneu Covers.  Made using SRF and Elastic band with an added pair of Kydex plates.  An elastic sleeve that any barrel fits into ensures that the Pneu Cover will fit on any Autococker.  The Signature Series Pneu Cover has added features all made by hand.  Using the original cut for the Pneu Cover, with an added sleeve on both sides of the inside walls.  A cut piece of Kydex is slid into each sleeve.  This gives the Pneu Cover more of an original look to the old WGP Shrouds.f

These covers are made to order in most cases.  Most are set as a limited runs.  

SS Pneu Cover

Stitching is also specifically chosen for each design.

The Signature Series Pneu Covers are all sewn by hand by the original Ginger himself.   

Pneu Covers will protect and enhance the look and tactical ability of your Autococker, Resurrection or Inception Autocockers.