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The package builder is here!  

When you're adding a full setup to your cart; Pneu cover, Hopper cover, and a Bottle wrap, wouldn't you like to know how they will all look together on your Autococker?  Already own a Pneu cover and Bottle wrap? Not quite sure what Hopper cover will go best with your kit?  We now have an interactive package builder that will allow you to preview your selections all together.  Use it to see what combinations you like, and build yourself an awesome Ginger Dynamics package. Purchase everything with just the click of a button.

The "Two Piece" builder, will allow you to view Bottle wrap and Hopper cover options.  The "Three Piece" builder will allow you to view Bottle wrap, Hopper cover, and the Pneu cover.

The Hopper cover selections can be changed between the Omni or Revi covers.  The image will change to reflect the style selected.  And you can choose the size of the Pneu cover and Bottle wraps.  So be sure to make that section carefully.

As an added benefit to using the builder.  You get an extra $5.00 off the entire package (other coupon codes will work with this package too).  

"We'll get you suited up".

Three Piece


Two Piece



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